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How to Opt For The Best Camping Recliner Chair?

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Whether you are sitting outdoor or fishing near the stream, people who love al fresco always feel happy to just get the right kind of camping recliner chair for enjoying maximum comfort. It is easy to go through the bargain mart for finding the cheapest camping chairs but the cheap ones cannot always be the […]

Kayak Fishing

When it comes to kayak fishing, there are quite a few benefits, but when most people ask me to name just three, I have to say, that by far, stealth is on top of the list. After the stealth of the kayak has been considered, the next two things that come to mind are the […]

Pelican Potomac Fishing Kayak

Just like the rest of you, I am a budget kayak fishermen, who fell in love with the Pelican Potomac Fishing Kayak. However, after the first trip, I quickly realized that I was going to have to take a hacksaw to it. Not good at all. This episode doesn’t have any videos, but future modifications […]

Bass fishing with ultralight gear?

Dane Cruz asked: I tried it for the first time today, and had a rough go of it! My line was in good condition, but fish kept breaking off and I couldn’t understand it (lost several lures!) Had it been my gear, the line would have been Trilene! I love ultralight fishing for bream and […]

Ultralight Fishing With A Jerkbait

Fishing with a jerkbait using ultralight fishing tackle is another excellent way to catch more bass out on the pond. You never know when one of those slab gills are gonna tear these up either!