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Fishing Kayak Buying Tips

Buying a new fishing kayak can sometimes be a tough task, with the sheer amount of options available for you to choose from, it is no question how beginner kayak anglers, and even seasoned veterans can have issues choosing the right boat. A lot of anglers will wonder if the kayak they purchased for fishing […]

Ocean Kayak

Before you head out onto the big open blue on a kayak, or even consider purchasing an ocean kayak for your next navigation trip, you are going to have to consider a few necessities that are required for ocean kayaking. You have to remain completely safe out there, because it is only you and your […]

Ultralight Fishing Rods – Length Does Matter

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This question comes up often. What length rod should I use for ultralight fishing? It isn't an easy answer though. There is a couple things to consider about length when choosing a new rod. Some people believe that you must use a short rod in the 4 1/2 foot to 5 foot length.