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A little bit about me… My name is Josh, and I’m 26 years old. I’m an entrepreneur and freelance writer based out of Jacksonville, Florida and have a passion for my family, and fishing. I got started when I was young with my brother, around 10 years old or so. Since then I have tried just about every method for catching fish that you can think of, and have a blast every time I grab my ultralight gear. I love bouncing around local ponds in parks, subdivisions, and golf courses with my ultralight combo. When you can’t take the boat out because of time, what else is there to do?

Current Ultralight Setup

(2) 6’0″ Light Action Pflueger Trion GX-7 Combos

– (1) is for topwater fishing.
– (1) is for bottom bouncing and swimming baits.

Both rigs are spooled up with Vanish 4lb test, and it casts like a dream. It is a bit on the expensive side, but if you are not going to use braided line, I highly suggest you try the Berkley Vanish.

Current Tacklebox Includes

– Zoom Tiny Brush Hogs
– Junebug
– Watermelon Pepper
– Pumpkin

– Zoom Finesse Worms
– Black
– Junebug
– Watermelon Pepper

– Zoom Tiny Fluke
– White / Silver Back
– Silver / Black Back
– Watermelon Pepper
– Pumpkinseed
– Bubble Gum (Bright days, active fish, gotta love it!)

– Rapala Floating Minnow (Jointed & Non)
– Silver / Black Back (Murky To Clear Water)
– Copper / Black Back (Stained Water)

– Rebel Teeny Pop-R
– Silver / Black Back
– Frog

– Booyah Pond Magic Buzzbait
– Fireant (Red & Black)
– Bumblebee (Black & Yellow)
– Black
– Chartreuse
– White

– Johnson’s Original Beetlespin
– Black w/ Yellow Stripe
– Green w/ Black Stripe
– White w/ Red Dot
– Orange & Yellow

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