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Best Fly Fishing Vest

Fly fishing vests are a down right necessity to a successful and pleasurable day of fly fishing. First of course is deciding your budget on a vest. Prices range from around 39.99 up to several hundred dollars. As you mature in this sport fishing hobby, your needs will grow along with you and your vest needs will change with those occurrences.

Fit and comfort should be your first concern, then wet and dry storage. A fleece patch is a welcomed option to dry your previously used flies so you can use them again quickly.

You will want to make sure there is a loop at the bottom of the vest, and a loop tap towards the top. This will allow your vest to hold your reel so you can have both hands free to perform various tasks like changing flies, etc. A couple of good sized square pouch pockets for storing tippet, and one or two long pouches for fly box storage. Make sure you have at least two or more D rings to attach any other accessories you want with you while wading in the water. The less trips back to shore the more fish you will catch.

Shopping for fly fishing vests is easier than ever today due to the Internet. But, the one caveat of shopping online for fishing clothes is making sure of fit and comfort. You also want to make sure that you are not getting a vest that will make you overheat. Materials vary, and breath ability of the fabric is important if you are standing out in the hot sun all day.

Go check out your local sporting goods store and note what fits well and has the right configuration of options you need, then note the price and compare online. It’s always great to support the local fishing shop, but usually better prices can be found online.

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