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Chest Waders

Fly fishing involves getting dirty at times. You will need to get into the water of a lake or river, and you will want to keep your clothing protected. A great way of doing this is to purchase a pair of chest waders. Chest waders look like a large pair of overalls, with thick rubber boots on the bottom, and two straps coming from the back and over the shoulders. The reason this fishing accessory is called a chest wader is because it covers everything up to the chest.

Fishing chest waders should be used when you need to enter water for a better catch. This will protect your clothing, provide support for your feet, and protect you from anything in the water. Hunting chest waders differ from fishing chest waders due to their camouflage print and accessible pockets.

Hunters need to move on a moment’s basis and the pockets allow them to hold everything at once in a secure place. Rubber chest waders are the most common for fly fishing since the material is very resilient to the elements.

There are a few different types of chest waders to choose from. Neoprene chest waders are the best type for cold weather and water. The insulation inside this suit keeps you warm in the coldest of weather. Hodgman chest waders are best known for their durability, comfort, and quality. Hodgman chest waders also have breathable chest waders that are comfortable all year round.

Youth chest waders should be measured according to the child that is going to be wearing them. You may want to make them a bit larger for room and growth. Cheap chest waders can be found online or at local stores that carry fishing and hunting equipment.

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