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Hip Waders

Hip waders are protective gear used by both fisherman and fly fisherman who want to go into deeper waters. The hip wader helps them maintain being dry and protects them from elements under the water. It is one of the important pieces of gear a fisherman should own, including his other gear like the fishing vest or fishing jacket.

Hips waders are made of waterproof materials, like rubber hip waders, and encompass the bottom half of the fisherman and up to above the knee or thigh. Insulated hip waders are more comfortable and allow the fisherman to be more comfortable in the water than feeling like he was in a pressure cooker.

Fishing hip waders can also be called hip boots waders, which are simply waterproof boots that climb up the leg and pass the knee, and are the same thing. Stocking foot hip waders are the waders that crawl up the leg to thigh/hip height, thus the foot hip name. This help prevents water from getting the feet wet. Children’s hip waders are also available, and are styled similarly to an adult’s version.

Hodgman hip waders are a certain brand of hip waders available, along with neoprene hip waders, and many online stores carry both brands. Browsing through online catalogs can show different varieties available.

Fishing hip waders are good for shallow areas in the water that boats can’t move into. These hip waders are perfect for the fisherman who doesn’t mind a little water, and are an important piece of gear that any fisherman should own. Along with the other gear, hip waders are an important piece of any fisherman’s arsenal.

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