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Fly Fishing Combos

There are quite a few fly fishing combos on the market, which can easily confuse beginner anglers. There are a few things that you have to understand, in order to make the best buying decision. Manufacturers put a lot of thought into balancing the fly fishing combo that they put out, which goes a long […]

Ultralight Fishing Manufacturer Review

In this article I want to discuss a few ultralight fishing manufacturers that really have their game together in terms of putting out quality products, and listening to exactly what it is that the anglers, us, really want from their products. After all, this is the best way to get us to purchase them, right?

Ultralight Fishing Rods – Length Does Matter

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This question comes up often. What length rod should I use for ultralight fishing? It isn't an easy answer though. There is a couple things to consider about length when choosing a new rod. Some people believe that you must use a short rod in the 4 1/2 foot to 5 foot length.