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Fly Fishing Combos

There are quite a few fly fishing combos on the market, which can easily confuse beginner anglers. There are a few things that you have to understand, in order to make the best buying decision. Manufacturers put a lot of thought into balancing the fly fishing combo that they put out, which goes a long way towards helping you lessen the steep learning curve when beginning into fly fishing.

First, you have to consider the type of line that goes into a fly combo. The type and size of fish that you are chasing is going to determine the size of line that you have to use. If you are using a net to land your fish, you can get away with using a much weaker line, than if you had to pick the fish up by the line.

Using lighter lines means you end up with more strikes, but you have to adapt your strategy around heavier cover. This is where the reel comes into play. Fly fishing reels are also rated by size, and function, but also pack a lot of extra features that most anglers will not require. For a good beginners fly fishing outfit, you can easily get away with a 5wt rod, tapered line, and a single action reel.

Rods are typically measured in weight, which is matched to the size of fish that you are targeting. A longer rod helps you cast further, whereas a shorter rod helps dramatically with your fly fishing casting accuracy. If you are using lightweight flies, and targeting smaller to medium sized fish, a 5wt is perfect for a beginner angler. However, if you are thinking of saltwater fly fishing, you are going to want to consider moving up to an 8wt or even a 9wt. A good general length is around 7′ for most beginner fly fishing combos.

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