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Fly Fishing Book

If you are a die in the wool do-it-yourselfer then, fly fishing books will probably be your best choice for learning and improving on this highly addictive sport fishing hobby. Just like any other sport, there are plenty of self-proclaimed fly fishing experts. You can spend literally thousands of dollars on all the titles available […]

what is a good ultralight rod and a spinning reel for trout stream fishing under 50 dollars?

JoJo asked: i am looking for an upgrade and i can really use your help. I dont fish much but i am recently getting into it and i would like to have some better equiptment. I would like to order it from amazon so if you have any suggestions would appreciate it if I can […]

Ultralight Bass Fishing In A Pond

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When I am going bass pond fishing, I take only 2 rods, and 2 baits, in a few different colors. Follow these tips, and you too can carry a small pocket sized tackle box, and unload a pond of its fish!