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Some Good Tips and Advice for Catching Crappie in the Ice

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If there was ever a fish custom designed for ice fishing, crappies are it. They are plentiful, somewhat active all year, and wonderful table fare. They are also relatively easy to catch, once you locate them. To be consistently successful, all you need to do is learn a few trick of the trade. The […]

Reviews of Crappie Fishing Rods

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When you become a serious angler you know that the fishing rod you choose can mean the difference between having a great fishing day and having a bad one. If your fishing rod can not live up to its expectations, then it pulls the rest of your equipment down with it. You need to make […]

Crappie Fishing Pole

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How to stream line your crappie fishing poles without spending a lot of money. When your crappie fishing it is very important to have the right crappie fishing equipment or you probably will go home empty handed. Don’t you hate it when everyone around you seems to know how to catch crappie but you […]

Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing

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Lake Lanier can be found in the state of Georgia and is fed by the Chestatee River. Lake Lanier holds 38,000 acres of water and has a shoreline that stretches 692 miles long. It is sometimes referred to as Lake Sidney Lanier and it is an excellent place to go crappie fishing. One reason anglers […]