"live bait"

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Doing research for a new warm water fishing rig?

Steven M asked: I’ve been all over Bass Pro and Cabala’s website researching rod and reel combo’s. To much information. Here is how I fish, tell me what your choice would be. 1. I catch and release 99% of the time. 2. I fish maybe three times a week during the warm weather months. 3. […]

Fishing Guides

If you have been thinking about whether or not fishing guides are right for you, have you considered what type of fishing it is that you are wanting to do? There is a wide assortment of guides available for you to choose from, depending on how it is that you are wanting to catch them. […]

Bass Fishing Guide

Finding the right bass fishing guide can be a tedious task sometimes, not knowing the area you are going to be fishing, and having to completely rely on someone you have never met before, to take your money, and in return, put you on some fish. The problem is, not all guides are made the […]

Trout fishing help?

edjsauce asked: I am going trout fishing for the first time this summer (I’m usually a saltwater guy) and I was wondering if anyone had any tips to offer (you know, type of lure, etc.). I am using an ultralight shakespeare agility spinning reel and rod, and will be fishing in the yosemite backcountry, mostly […]