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Fishing reel Question (details) (please)?

jmac2215 asked: I’m looking for a new fishing reel to go with my new Shakespeare ultralight rod, it’s a Shakespeare advantage (im-8; if you know what that means or does with a rod please answer that!). but now i’m looking for a good reel to go with it, something pretty light to hold like 4lb […]

Trout fishing help?

edjsauce asked: I am going trout fishing for the first time this summer (I’m usually a saltwater guy) and I was wondering if anyone had any tips to offer (you know, type of lure, etc.). I am using an ultralight shakespeare agility spinning reel and rod, and will be fishing in the yosemite backcountry, mostly […]

Ultralight Fishing Manufacturer Review

In this article I want to discuss a few ultralight fishing manufacturers that really have their game together in terms of putting out quality products, and listening to exactly what it is that the anglers, us, really want from their products. After all, this is the best way to get us to purchase them, right?