Fishing reel Question (details) (please)?

jmac2215 asked:

I’m looking for a new fishing reel to go with my new Shakespeare ultralight rod, it’s a Shakespeare advantage (im-8; if you know what that means or does with a rod please answer that!). but now i’m looking for a good reel to go with it, something pretty light to hold like 4lb test. I am also wonder what ball bearings do, like how many should i look for in a reel and why. and try to keep the price around 50$ and under

answer anything that you may think will help me out.

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2 Responses to “Fishing reel Question (details) (please)?”

  1. hoghunter says:

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    last christmas i got a “shakespeare Agility Spinning Reel” this is the perfect reel you are looking for. it also comes with a spare spool for bigger line. this reel has 8 bearings which is REALY good. bearing are whats in the reel and help it to flow smooth. the more bearings, the better reel you have. 8 bearings will run smoothly and it is perfect. this reel came from BIG 5 Spoting Goods for $35.00 i realy insist that is is perfect for your rod. its a GREAT reel. good luck fishin. never give it up : )

  2. kbhiltsley says:

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    Here’s an excellent 5-ball bearing Shakespeare Ultra-Light spin reel that would match that rod perfectly:

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