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Ultralight rods for an ultra small fish question?

AnImEGuRuOfDeAtH asked: Alright so ive heard that getting an ultralight rod would be the most suitable experience for panfishing, but why? Is it because you have to be more careful with how you pull it in? Also what happens if you catch something big on it? O.o Thanks =D Caffeinated Content

Fly Fishing For Salmon

Fly fishing salmon is the main method of fish that fly fishing was developed for as well as trout. Today fly fishing has been developed to be used to catch other types of fish as well. The main reason this form of fishing is called fly fishing is because in order to catch salmon or […]

Fly Fishing Supplies

So you know that you need some fly fishing supplies, but unfortunately, are unfamiliar with which ones you need? Or maybe you have been an angler for quite a while, and your supplies for fly fishing just aren’t up to the task anymore. Well, before you spend any money, you are going to need to […]

Fly Fishing Line

When an angler is looking around their favorite tackle shop, or big box department store, their fly fishing line is usually one of the last things that they think about. Most anglers don’t understand that your choice of fly line can really be the difference between you catching a boat load of fishing, or coming […]