Ultralight rods for an ultra small fish question?

AnImEGuRuOfDeAtH asked:

Alright so ive heard that getting an ultralight rod would be the most suitable experience for panfishing, but why? Is it because you have to be more careful with how you pull it in?

Also what happens if you catch something big on it? O.o

Thanks =D

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4 Responses to “Ultralight rods for an ultra small fish question?”

  1. Create a video blog…instantly.

    Using an ultra-light rod for Bluegill & Crappie is just more “sporting” and (at times) allow you to cast light-weight jigs & lures.

    If you hook something “big” on an ultra-light it will test your ability as an angler, (which can be quite fun)!!!

    Hope that answers your Q? Good fishing!

  2. taterjonny says:

    Create a video blog

    The ultimate fishing is with ultrlights. Lighter line, and smaller more flexible rods makes even smaller fish seem large. Do not under estimate what you can catch on light tackle. I have taken 10 lb plus trout on a 6 foot ultre light with 4 lb test line. What a blast. Then you take your time and keep the pressure on.

  3. AIRFLOW says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Exactly, they are great for panfish, for the simple reason that it gives you a little more sport, not just cranking them in. Hooking something bigger on an ultra light is great fun, that’s mainly the reason i fly fish. If you hook something bigger you just have to play it out that’s all, don’t just bring it straight in, set the DRAG and PLAY the fish, if it wants to run let it! but keep the tension on.

  4. Brook E says:

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    Sounds to me like you’re confusing ultra-light with ultra-delicate.

    Ultralight (what was called “threadlining” when it first appeared in the late 1940s) has a number of advantages, not the least of which is that it allows you to cast really small baits. Often that’s what appeals to fish—not only panfish, but gamefish as well.

    There’s a tendency to think of ultralight and small rods, too. But you are not restricted to those diminutive rods by any means. You can get UL rods that are six and seven feet long; and, with the specialized noodle rods of the midwest, as long as 12-16 feet. The rod just has to be designed to handle lines in the 2-4 pound range.

    If you catch something big it just means you have to develop your fish playing skills. Note I said “playing.” If you’re fighting the fish you’re likely in for problems.

    But, at base, there’s no reason UL can’t be used for big fish. I’ve caught 18 pound steelhead on four pound test.

    All in all, I’d say ultra-light is the second most fun way to fish.

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