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Bluegill Sunfish – A Favorite Species of American Freshwater Fish

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Bluegill sunfish are the most widely distributed panfish in North America. They are members of the same family (Centrarchidae a.k.a.Sunfish) as the largemouth bass. These colorful fish are well adapted to living in ponds, lakes, streams and even brackish water. Bluegill are often the primary food source for largemouth bass and other predators. They rarely […]


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Fly Fishing Salmon

Fly fishing salmon is one of the ways that this type of gear originally came about. Fly fishing salmon and trout use artificial flies, and while the sport is generally easy enough to master, there are quite a few anglers that are going to be looking for tips, for how to catch their favorite target […]

Planning to goTrout Fishing, Norteast Iowa?

Noah_jw asked: Hello, a group of my friends figured we would go try some trout fishing in northeast iowa. The problem is none of us have the slightest clue on how to catch trout.. So i was wondering a few things,, we are going to go the last wknd in June, i was wondering what […]