Planning to goTrout Fishing, Norteast Iowa?

Noah_jw asked:

Hello, a group of my friends figured we would go try some trout fishing in northeast iowa. The problem is none of us have the slightest clue on how to catch trout..

So i was wondering a few things,, we are going to go the last wknd in June, i was wondering what are the best streams to fish around then in NE Iowa?… Im not really looking for big fish, more of alot of fish.
Also what do i need to bring, what tackle, Waiders?,, were going to just be using ultralight poles no fly fishing.. , just any help on what to use for bait,, where to fish, what to look for in the stream to find fish.. Just mainly any help for someone who has no clue on how to trout fish would be helpful THANKS!!!

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5 Responses to “Planning to goTrout Fishing, Norteast Iowa?”

  1. Ms. M says:

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    Not sure much about trout fishing but try using worms or the plastic kind of worms.

  2. Missy says:

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    The kind of bait to use is LIVE shrimp. When using live shrimp, do not fish off the bottom. Trouts are not bottom feeders. So don’t use heavy weights, instead, use those floating devices (I don’t know the exact term) that you pop every once in a while to let the trouts know you’re there. Hope this helps. Good luck to you and hope you catch tons of trouts! – ma

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    i cant help with streams b/c i am a hard core trout fisherman from pa but the must have thins are . . . waders must have for any trout stream with a lot of fish, a trout vest to carry stuff in, fourecipts and fingernail clippers for cutting lines and removing swallowed hooks, take pre tired hooks(with the line already attached with the loop at the end), swivels(get the smallest swivels possible and hooks try size 10,12,or14 they are small but they can get any trout) , lead weight(split shots), for bait live minnows(i swear by um) and wax worms are a must, you can also take red, mill, and butter worms also work, you can also get artificial baits i have alot of luck with salmon eggs some people use power bait paste(but i am not a big fan) always ware a hat and use lots of bug repellent i hope i could help

  4. uKantSpel says:

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    Hey… where are you going in NE Iowa? I live in Cedar Rapids, and would love to find a good trout spot!!

  5. Kraftee says:

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    Before you go you need to do some homework. First, here are the streams that are stocked:

    I’ll leave it to others to advise about bait and technique. You may want to address your question in a forum such as this one:
    This article talks about Iowa trout-fishing experiences.

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