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Best Fly Fishing Lines

The general public always thinks of fishing line to be strong and extra durable in any condition, but when an angler is using fly fishing line in a river or stream its a different story all together. The fishing line for fly fishing is very delicate, and has to be taken care of and not damaged.

The line has to be smooth and crimp free at all times, or it could mean trouble. Casting and skinning fly fishing line is meant to be smooth and liquid motion so there are no awkward movements of the bait. This could spook the fish and let the big one get away.

When purchasing fly fishing line ask your self a few questions and then tell your local pro the answers so you can make an informed decision on what line to buy. What is the climate like, humidity and temperature? Will you be fishing in freshwater, saltwater, or tropical climates?

What sizes, and type of fish are you trying to catch with your fishing rig? Answering these questions will greatly improve your chances of netting that fish you want to catch. This is where the adage, The right tool for the job, really comes into play.

Always keep extra line in your tackle box, and an extra spool in case the line snags on a rock or limb in the water. Even stepping on the line can damage it, so be very careful, and keep it off the ground. You will eventually learn what line to use in what scenario, it just takes practice and experience like everything else in life. Even if you have trouble and have to replace the line several times a day, its ok because you are fishing and not doing honey-dos around the house today.

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