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Ultralight Fishing With the Right Rod, Line and Swimming Grubs-Catch alot of Fish!

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In this age of information we're able to talk to millions of fishermen in real time. Instead of watching tv commercials and buying every lure because they say it works, we can just check out a company online. So we've decided to take a new approach at some of our featured tips and tricks. Lets learn about fishing with artifical grubs, and how to catch a bunch of Bass the Ultralight Fishing way!

Reviews of Crappie Fishing Rods

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When you become a serious angler you know that the fishing rod you choose can mean the difference between having a great fishing day and having a bad one. If your fishing rod can not live up to its expectations, then it pulls the rest of your equipment down with it. You need to make […]

Best Fly Fishing Book

Even though it is proven that experience is the best way to learn how to fish, a good fly fishing book is also a great way to develop a foundation. If you have any intentions of enjoying the sport, and catching a lot of fish, you are going to have to learn a lot. Fly […]

Fly Fishing DVDs

If you live in an area where you are having trouble finding an instructor or personal coach, then you may want to look into buying a fly fishing DVD or two. There are literally dozens of titles that cover a wealth of information for the beginner or experienced angler. For the beginner you can purchase […]

Best Fly Fishing Lines

The general public always thinks of fishing line to be strong and extra durable in any condition, but when an angler is using fly fishing line in a river or stream its a different story all together. The fishing line for fly fishing is very delicate, and has to be taken care of and not […]

Fly Fishing Hooks

If you tie your own fishing flies, then there are a few different types of fly fishing hooks that you are going to want to make sure you use. Using the right tool for the job is exactly the fundamentals behind fly fishing, and using the wrong hook can cause your flies to either look […]