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Bluegill Fly Fishing Tips

Bluegill fly fishing can be accomplished with either a wet or dry fly. You will do even better at catching the bluegill if you use both a dry or wet fly. In order to be able to effectively catch bluegill using both flies a dropper system is needed.

This is a dry, wet fly and nymph tied on the dry flies hook bend. This system is best used when the bluegill aren’t really biting. If fishing in a popular watering hole that gets fished on a daily basis the fish aren’t hungry so they won’t be hungry and go for the bait.

It is important to keep in mind that bluegill fish are easily spooked if a bobber hits the water hard in their direction. If a dropper fly is being used you stand a better chance of catching bluegill because this lure actually looks just like the food these fish love to eat.

In fact the light disturbance caused by the dry fly will draw the bluegill to your line then the dry fly which mimics a bobber will draw the bluegill who will then steal the nymph, sucking the dry fly under the water and the fish is caught before they know it.

Fly fishing for bluegill fish is not as hard as most think. The one thing to keep in mind is that in order to make the best catch be sure to visit watering holes that are not fished by a lot of people every day.

This should insure that the fish will actually be hungry when your line is cast out into the water and they will fall for your bait and you will actually be able to catch them. There is nothing more satisfying that coming home after a long day of fly fishing with a nice big catch.

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