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Cheap Fly Fishing Flies

Be careful when purchasing cheap fishing flies because they may look good while at the boot of the line but could also easily fall apart after hitting the water. The lures or flies used in fly fishing are two main ones that are used in different ways and under different conditions.

Even like traditional fishing it is important to match the type of fish you will be fishing for to the type of lures, flies and waters being fished. These major types of flies are dry or wet flies. The name of these lures actually explain what fishing conditions they are to be used in.

The wet fly carries bulkier bodies and are normally weighted down. Their heaviness allows them to break the surface of the water and float down to the deeper waters where the fish are located. During the time of day when the sun is directly over the water the fish do whatever they can to avoid the extra light so they look to either the side or down to deeper waters when they are looking for their food.

So this is the right conditions under which a fisherman will want to use a wet lure to catch the catch of the day. It is helpful to catch the fish this way if you know how deep they are traveling under water so you know how far down you need to let you line sink. Dry flies are very light weight and hardly weigh anything.

They are best used when the fish are hanging around the surface of the water because when cast out they sit on tip of the water and look like a live bug floating on the surface. The best time to use this lure when after summer rains because the fish are closer to the surface of the water because the sun isn’t as bright.

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