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Fly Casting

Fly fish casting is incredibly different from regular fishing casting. Fly casting involves the back and forward motion of the line and rod quickly, which takes practice to perfect and get used to.

First, it’s better to practice. Start out on dry land without a fly, so that. When you felt as if you had enough practice, go out into the water and let out about 25 feet of line in front of you, holding the rod firmly in hand.

To fly cast, make sure that when you rock your rod back and forth, refrain from moving the shoulder and elbow as much as possible, as it is the wrist that flicks the rod back and forth. So keep the wrist stiff as you get ready to cast the line. It is best to visualize the hands of a clock, 11 o’ clock and 1 o’ clock. From there, start at 11 o’ clock, and flick it from there to 1 o’ clock.

There are fly casting lessons that can be scheduled if someone wants hand on training, rather than learn from a fly casting video. Fly casting instruction is better learned is seen visually than read, as this is how you learn fly fishing casting techniques that can better help in the long run.

Depending on where you go to learn, fly casting instruction can be variety with the information. Double haul fly casting is such a way of fly fishing casting, and takes much practice to perfect.

Casting is one of the main components that makes fly fishing so vastly different from regular fishing. Between the lines or flies used, the casting is the one that truly makes it a different type of fishing altogether.

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