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Fly Fishing Lures

Fly fishing lures? Is that really what they are called? A lot of beginner anglers, and even a few seasoned anglers called them lures, but the proper term to use is flies. Fly fishing flies are the small insect, baitfish, and other aquatic creature replicas that help you to entice fish into biting. Different fish prefer different types, but in order to figure out which ones to use on your particular waters, you are going to have to spend plenty of time testing. When it comes to testing, you can either buy your fishing flies, or tie them, which has it’s own rewards.

Buying your flies can add up to quite a bit of money, especially if you are a beginner fly angler. Because of this, while you are learning the process, on how to cast, strip, and pull in fish properly, you are going to want to stick to lakes and ponds that don’t have much overhanging, or underwater debris. This will help you to keep your costs down, while you are figuring out the waters that you fish on a regular basis. Fly fishing really is a lot more fun when you take out these frustrating interruptions, and get down to fishing; buying your flies helps you do this.

On the other hand, tying your own flies gives anglers a different perspective on how they are targeting their favorite species. Tying your own means that you have to understand what it is that your target species eats, and then replicate it as closely as possible. While this sounds easy, tying a “fly fishing lure” is an art form that takes an incredible amount of patience, and determination, as well as a truly undying love for the sport. If you see yourself tossing flies 10 years from now, then it may be time to start tying your own “fly fishing lures” and saving yourself some money over the long run.

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