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Fly Fishing Vests

When it comes time to loading down your fly fishing vests, there are a few things that you are going to want to make sure that you have included. Having these tools on you while you are on the water will easily make the difference between you having a great day, and one that you are not going to want to repeat for a long time to come. Carrying a tackle box with you, while you are fly fishing, is a very frustrating time, and is not necessarily required. You can fit everything that you need onto a fly fishing lanyard, or even store everything inside the pockets of your vest.

Hemostats – You have to have a pair of these, or small pliers, in order to remove the tiny hooks from a fishes mouth. Needle nose pliers are sufficient, but for smaller fish, such as trout and panfish, a good pair of hemostats are a life saver.

Pocket fly fishing boxes. These types of pouches will store all of your fishing flies, helping you to stay incredibly organized. You won’t have to rummage around the tackle box any more, trying to find the right fly for the situation. Stuff one of these into the pocket of your vest, and you are ready to hit the water. Make sure that you include extra hooks, and float indicators, in case you need them.

A lanyard. While not necessarily part of your vest, you can easily dangle your tools from the lanyard, and even use retractable leashes to help keep the gear out of your way, until you need it. This helps a ton with organization, as well as having the required tool at hand.

Catching fish means that you have to make quick decisions, and fumbling around through your fly fishing vests to find what you are looking for can cost you precious seconds.

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