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Fly Fishing For Bass – Why Not?

Normally when you think fly fishing you think trout. Historically fly fishing is reserved for mountian streams and rivers. Fishing for bass is normally done the old way with conventional lures and baits. Here's a twist, how about fly fishing for Bass?

Ultra light fishing for golden trout

Fly Fishing Steelhead & Cutthroat – Oregon Coast Range

A 5 minute documentary film trailer on fly fishing a small remote stream in the Central Oregon Coast Range for steelhead and trout. Courtesy of Small Stream Outfitters.

Fly Fishing Trout Montana Lakes

Cool clips of trout rising to flies.<!–adsensestart–>

Fly-Fishing Instruction Super Hopper Dropper

Mikey Wier shows how to use his super hopper dropper set up to fish for trout. Learn how to connect and use the Hop-icator as well as other signature flies from Mikey available through Idylwilde flies. This is an interpretation of how he likes to use the system, but Mikey encourages getting creative and fishing […]

Trout Fishing Secrets.

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Trout Fishing Secrets Revealed – How To Catch A Trout Everytime: When Spinner Fishing Your Favorite Stream Or River! Trout Fishing Secrets.