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Ocean Kayak Fishing

To remain safe while ocean kayak fishing, you are going to want to think about a few key aspects of what is going to happen while you are out on the water. The currents that you can encounter while fishing on the ocean, especially around islands and other large pieces of land can be incredibly difficult to maneuver in. The sheer size of fish that you can catch while you are fishing from a kayak is also a problem that many people are not prepared to encounter. Lastly, you can easily receive sun damage to your skin if you are not taking the necessary precautions, such as sun block, and adequate clothing.

Despite what most people believe, covering up your skin is necessary while you are ocean kayak fishing. Long sleeves, and khaki pants are a great way to protect your arms, chest, back, and legs from severe sunburn. A good fully brimmed hat, with a cloth down your neck is a great way to not only stay cool, but also protect your face and neck from sunburn as well. These are severe problems, that if you are planning for any amount of time on the big water, must be thought about before you leave the beach.

If you intend to do any fishing near islands, or other large pieces of structure, you are going to want to take the currents into consideration. At different times of the day, and different phases of the moon, the currents will move in different directions. To ensure that you remain safe, even if you have been through the spot before, keep the currents at the forefront of your thoughts, while you are padding around large pieces of structure.

Lastly, once you start hooking into fish, make sure that you are keeping your body weight centered, especially if you are not using any sort of outrigger setup, to keep the boat steady. If you think the pressure if the fish is too much for you, and you may flip, lessen the drag on your reel, to give the fish more room to run. As he begins to tire out, you can then apply more drag, and become comfortable with pulling large fish in, from a kayak. As long as you think about these things, your ocean kayak fishing trips will be much more enjoyable, both during, and after.

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