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Pelican Pursuit 140T Fishing Kayak

The Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Fishing Kayak is a decent package for a set of beginner paddlers, couples, or even kids can make great use of this boat. For fishing however, I would definately not recommend it. I have written other articles about why you should not use a tandem kayak for fishing, and it goes without mention. You both will end up hooked. It doesn’t matter the configuration that you use, you will both end up with piercings. If you really want to play roulette, go fly fishing in a tandem. This one, like the Pelican Pursuit 140 DLX comes with a drop down skeg. These out perform rudders in so many ways, I can’t begin to list them here. However, just know, that when you bump into something with a skeg, it pushes back up into the boat. Rudders break off.

Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Specifications

Length: 14 feet
Beam (Width): 30 inches
Cockpit Depth: 14 inches
Cockpit Width: 17.5 inches
Cockpit Length: 90 inches
Weight: 58 pounds
Capacity: 600 pounds

Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Overview

Pelican gave the tandem DLX version two molded seats, and adjustable backrests. These are actually pretty comfortable, for being Pelican. They are starting to step up the quality, with the sport growing more and more each year. The expected, adjustable foot pegs are also included. They say that everything is adjustable, but it really isn’t. The foot pegs are easily adjusted, but a shorter person will want to be in back. Also, anyone over 6 feet tall is going to have a small issue in the boat, period. You should have your own boat anyways. The fit and finish is typical Pelican, but hey, you get what you pay for. It does the job, very well, though.

Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Storage

The boat comes with two paddle tie downs, a rear bungee, and a semi waterproof 5 inch hatch up front. The paddle tie downs are a nice addition, because you should be using a paddle leash. This is a handy spot to connect the leash to, without drilling into the boat. I know most of you don’t like to drill into brand new kayaks, but I don’t mind. The rear bunges are decent quality, but it appears to me, that if you use them for more than a season or two, they are going to need to be replaced.

Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Accessories

The drop down skeg on this boat is greatly appreciated. When tandem kayaking, you have to be in sync with each other, not only on stroke, but power as well. Correcting strokes are a lot more pronounced on tandem kayaks. The skeg keeps the rear of the boat from wiggling, and makes it so that you both have to have the same stroke to get it to turn. It helps to teach you better paddling techniques as well! The padded seat cushions are definately a nice touch. This is an exploring kayak, for 2 people, not a kayak for fishing. That means comfort is a must. It also has two handy divots to put your water bottles in as well. They are exposed to the sun, so I would recommend putting a cooler up front, or behind the rear seat.

Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Real World Test

On the water, this boat is just as fast as the Pursuit 140 DLX. With two people, you can get going at a very impressive clip. From my use, I would have to recommend this kayak to people who like to bird watch, wildlife watch, or general just enjoy exploring. Tandem kayaks are not for fishing, at all. Even if you think you are the exclusion to that rule, go ahead and try. You won’t do it again. My fiance and I picked up one of these at cost, and have enjoyed it a few times so far. It is comfortable, and it keeps her quite for most of the ride! (She is going to kill me! I love you honey!) I could definately recommend the Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX for couples, or friends, but not fishing partners.

I hope the Pelican Pursuit 140T DLX Fishing Kayak Review will help you when it comes time to purchase your kayak. Just remember, the Pursuit 140T is not designed for kayak fishing.

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