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Today We Discuss The Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel

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When it comes to ultralight fishing, there aren’t many choices for reels. Once you throw out the low quality ones, you are left with even fewer choices for an ultralight fishing rod open reel that meets your needs. We can discard baitcasters for the time being, because the true ultralight baitcaster is far too expensive for most peoples taste.

Ultralight Fishing Reels Explained!

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There are so many ultralight fishing reels on the market today, most of you have no idea where to begin when you are on the search for one. I hope to clear a few things up with this article. I will be talking about quality ultralight fishing reels only, none of that junk you find […]

So What Exactly Is Ultralight Bass Fishing?

When most people think of Ultralight Bass Fishing, they usually think of buggy whip rods, micro sized rods and lures, and ultralight fish. This is just not the case, at all. I have caught more of my bigger fish on ultralight fishing equipment than on my baitcasting gear, and it was more fun, realizing that you have a monster on the end of your 4lb test!