Ultralight Fishing Reels Explained!


There are so many ultralight fishing reels on the market today, most of you have no idea where to begin when you are on the search for one. I hope to clear a few things up with this article. I will be talking about quality ultralight fishing reels only, none of that junk you find for $20. If you don’t get a good reel in a combo, expect to pay at least $40 for a decent reel. You get what you pay for, remember!

The first thing you should look for is the quality of the materials used in manufacturing. This is a big indicator of what the inside of the ultralight fishing reel looks like. If there is any plastic at all, disregard the reel, and move onto the next one. Plastic parts on the outside of a reel mean inferior parts on the inside, and besides, plastic parts flex. You want to minimize flex wherever possible on your ultralight fishing reel, to ensure maximum pressure on the fish.

The next thing, is the arm and reel seat, where the reel connects to the rod. This should have some meat to it. You shouldn’t be able to flex it by pulling on the lip that holds it to the rod. On a quality ultralight fishing reel, there will be almost no flex at all. This helps with apply every bit of pressure possible while setting the hook, and turning the fish away from objects or cover. If you can bend any of the parts on the reel, disregard it and move onto the next.

One other thing that I would check for, is the drag. Try tightening it down, and spinning it by hand. It should have a smooth motion, and can’t stick at all. If the drag sticks, your line WILL snap. Most ultralight fishing reels have drags from 2-4 pounds, with some going even higher. On a baitcaster that I use to flip 1/4oz and 1/8oz jigs, it has 10lbs of drag. Most ultralight spinning reels will go up to about 5lbs of total drag pressure. This is plenty, as your line is at most 4lb test. With the drag on a 5lb ultralight fishing reel turned all the way up, when the fish snaps his head, he snaps your line as well.

The last thing, is product branding. By this, I mean the actual brand name of the reel. If the company has been around for a while, it is a safe bet that it is a decent product. Their low end items, and discount or discontinued items may not be the best choices, but usually the second level up in their product line is a safe bet. And remember, when you are ready to start searching for some ultralight fishing reels, know your budget before you go reading or checking them out!

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