Today We Discuss The Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel


When it comes to ultralight fishing, there aren’t many choices for reels. Once you throw out the low quality ones, you are left with even fewer choices for an ultralight fishing rod open reel that meets your needs. We can discard baitcasters for the time being, because the true ultralight baitcaster is far too expensive for most peoples taste. The few options on the market right now have to be imported from Japan, and start around $250 for just the reel. Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel however start around $30 for a decent reel, and go up to $60 or $70 for the higher end models.

The open reel, or spinning reel contains 4 parts. The bail, drag, handle, arm, and reel seat. The bail is the piece of metal wire, with the grooved cylinder that holds the line. These are a crucial aspect of ultralight fishing rod open reel because most times, if your drag is set tight enough, and you set the hook, the bail will spring open letting all of your line fly out. When you are in the store looking at them, flip the bail open and closed a few times. It should feel firm, and have a nice clicking action and sound to it. It should also lock in place firmly at both open and closed.

The drag on most spinning reels will be on the front of the reel itself. It has a little knob that you can turn to tighten or loosen the drag. To properly set this, you want to read the article How To Properly Set The Drag On Your Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel. You can usually read on the package to tell what the drag’s components are made of. Avoid plastic at all costs! Also, if you plan to do any saltwater fishing, avoid magnesium, as it will rust before you get home from your trip!

The handle on most spinning reels is chrome plated. They usually add a decorative knob to it as well. Some open reels have reversible handles, meaning you can fish either right or left handed. These come in handy when changing fishing styles from say, underspin, or push button fishing. It should not have any flex it in at all. Also, remember to avoid plastic at all costs!

The arm and reel seat on the “ultralight fishing rod open reel” are one piece, but I consider them two different aspects of the reel. Some manufacturers will use cheap materials, or skimp on the amount of metal located on the arm and reel seat. This will allow flex, and on an ultralight fishing rod, that is something you want to reduce, any way possible. Usually on the decent and higher end models you don’t have to worry about this however.

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