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Trout Fly Fishing

Trout fishing isn’t necessarily difficult, but there are a few key mistakes that fly fishing trout enthusiasts make. If you follow the tips included here on each outing, you will have a much easier time catching your favorite species, but also a much more comfortable time. First, you always have to be conscious of your […]

What is a good ultralight spinning combo?

Kiet asked: I am looking for a ultralight spinning combo that holds up to 8 lb test. I like fishing regularly in my stocked pond which contains crappie, bream, and bass. I would like to use 4-5 in. lures and cast them far. I’d like a good fight from the 1-3 lb bass in there. […]

Do You Need A Fishing Rod Case Ultralight Protector?

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Ponder on this for a minute or two. You just purchased a nice $60 ultralight fishing rod. All excited, you pay the cashier, take it to the car, put it in the backseat, and head to the house. Perfect, almost home, can’t wait to put a nice reel on it, and get on the water!

Ultralight Fishing With A Jerkbait

Fishing with a jerkbait using ultralight fishing tackle is another excellent way to catch more bass out on the pond. You never know when one of those slab gills are gonna tear these up either!