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Trout Fly Fishing

Trout fishing isn’t necessarily difficult, but there are a few key mistakes that fly fishing trout enthusiasts make. If you follow the tips included here on each outing, you will have a much easier time catching your favorite species, but also a much more comfortable time.

First, you always have to be conscious of your presentation. They are an intelligent species, and in order to get one on the end of your hook, you are going to have to present your fly in a very natural, subtle manner. There are numerous ways to achieve this, but as long as you are aware of your presentation at all times, you will end up with a lot more trout on your stringer.

Because trout are so intelligent, a lot of anglers have actually adopted the use of scents on their fishing flies, to help them achieve better results. Anglers wearing polarized glasses have even said that trout will move up to a fly, and literally sniff it before they commit to eating it. If you have any foreign scents on your hands or clothing, make sure that you wash them well before you leave the house, as well as using some of the attractant on your fingertips. This will help to keep from spooking the fish off with unfamiliar smells.

There are a few types of flies that you can use for trout, but you can also get away with using spinners, and small minnow replicating plugs. These small baitfish imitators do great when the trout are turned onto larger meals. Remember to keep your leader as light as possible, to avoid causing any reflections in the water that may get the fishes attention and cause them to high tail it out of your location.

The biggest tip of all, when fly fishing for trout, is to pay attention to the clothing that you are wearing. Most fly anglers will wear their favorite hat, and polarized sunglasses, but when it comes time to putting on a shirt, they pick the brightest color they can find. While this is a great safety precaution if you are fishing in woods that have hunters nearby, you are actually going to spook the fish. Instead, during the off hunting season, wear camo colors to help blend in with your surroundings better.

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