Do You Need A Fishing Rod Case Ultralight Protector?


Ponder on this for a minute or two. You just purchased a nice $60 ultralight fishing rod. All excited, you pay the cashier, take it to the car, put it in the backseat, and head to the house. Perfect, almost home, can’t wait to put a nice reel on it, and get on the water! Get to the house, spool it up with your favorite ultralight braided fishing line, tie on a Rapala Floating Minnow, and gather the rest of your ultralight fishing gear.

Everything looks prepared and ready to go, but wait, you have to go to the restroom! You set the rod in the corner next to the door, and don’t notice that it has slid into the crack. You rush off to the bathroom, ignorant to anything coming your way. Once you shut the bathroom door, you hear “crack”. You look up, and your favorite ultralight fishing rod has just lost a few inches. No fishing for you, compadre. You should have used a fishing rod case ultralight size. This would have kept it out of the crack, and kept you on your path to fishing freedom.

If you haven’t gotten the drift yet, you need a fishing rod case ultralight protector. It is a handy rod case built for ultralight fishing rods. Smaller in diameter than the larger counterparts, makes storage a lot easier. Not only is storing it easier, it keeps the tip of your rod from ending up in compromising circumstances like mentioned above, it actually happened to me.

The fact of the matter is, the quickest way to destroy your ultralight fishing rod is to get the tip caught in something to pinch it. If this doesn’t snap it by itself, the next fish you catch or lure you cast will break it. I promise. So keep this in mind when you are debating whether or not the ultralight fishing rod case is worth the extra money or not!

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