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Where Ultralight Line Tends To Fail

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It has happened to every ultralight fishing angler at one point in time or another. You've finally gotten the trophy fish on the end of your hook, then whammo, busted off. This happens a lot, especially when the fishing is good. You can avoid breaking off more fish by knowing what causes ultralight line to give way so easily.

Ultralight Fishing

When people conjure up images of ultralight fishing, they often imagine whippy rods and sewing thread sized lines, and while this is true partly, it is still a far stretch. The types of lines and the rods being used today have advanced dramatically in terms of the technology being used, as well as the materials being used to construct this fishing equipment.

Ultralight Fly Fishing Gear

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Prefer the mixture of science and art? If slinging super lightweight flies is your ballgame, we've got the gear for you. From go-to flies, to the highest quality rods, reels, and combos.

Misc Ultralight Fishing Gear

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Keeping your gear to a minimum is key when you are pond hopping. Check out these tackle boxes that help keep your gear organized, without forcing you to lug around a 30 pound tackle box!

Ultralight Fishing Lures

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Time tested lures that catch fish on every trip out! Ultralight fishing DOES help you catch more fish, but you still need a quality selection of lures. Check out which ones we prefer!

Ultralight Fishing Reels

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Check out these ultralight fishing reels. The best ultralight spinning and spincasting reels on the market.