Where Ultralight Line Tends To Fail


It has happened to every ultralight fishing angler at one point in time or another.  You’ve finally gotten the trophy fish on the end of your hook, then whammo, busted off.  This happens a lot, especially when the fishing is good.  You can avoid breaking off more fish by knowing what causes ultralight line to give way so easily.  Think about these situations, and how many times you have been fishing, during the same circumstances, and had fish come loose.

After A Long Fishing Day

Even if you have spooled brand new line before you left on the fishing trip, this can still happen to you.  When you have been fishing for the entire day without checking your line, it is prone to breaking off when you hook into a decent sized fish.  As you bang around on objects, cast, stretch, tie, re-tie and continue fishing, the line is put through amazing levels of punishment.  Without realizing that your line is dealing with this much stress, you will probably continue yanking around on it.  Next time, run your fingers down the line to feel for any imperfections or stretched sections.

Fishing In Rocky Areas

Fishing around rocky areas is known for busting ultralight line.  It is most common around the knot when you are fishing on the bottom, but can happen with any types of baits.  The knot section bangs against the rocks, causing tiny abrasions in the line itself.  These abrasions, over time, will cause the line to weaken to the point where it will snap if your drag is set too firm.  There is no real way to determine how firm is too firm at this point, so you want to take a quick look at the knot on your lure before each cast.

Old Or Sun Damaged Line

If you have kept your line on the spool for more than a fishing season, or possibly even leave the rods and reels in your truck, you have probably dealt with your fair share of break-offs.  Nylon and fluorocarbon lines deteriorate fairly rapidly in extreme weather conditions (a.k.a. your truck in mid-summer).  Even if you keep great care of your rods, general use over a few months can deteriorate the quality of the line.  It is a wise decision to replace your line if you keep your gear in this condition.

Improper Gear Care

As stated, if you take poor care of your gear, you can expect to lose fish on a regular basis.  Leaving the rod and reels in dirty conditions, or even extreme hot or cold conditions is a recipe for disaster.  You are already using super-fine fishing lines, so you want to make sure that they are as strong as possible while you’re fishing.  Keeping your gear in unsatisfactory conditions contributes to losing more fish than fishing in rocky areas, and even fishing all day on a fresh spool.  Do yourself a favor, and take care of your ultralight line.

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