Ultralight Fishing


When people conjure up images of ultralight fishing, they often imagine whippy rods and sewing thread sized lines, and while this is true partly, it is still a far stretch. The types of lines and the rods being used today have advanced dramatically in terms of the technology being used, as well as the materials being used to construct this fishing equipment.

For instance, instead of using fiberglass to build with, manufacturers are now using high modulus composite graphite to ensure that the next ultralight fishing rod you purchase will be the last rod you buy as well. There are a lot of benefits to the added price tag, like increased rod action, ability to control the fish, as well as feeling every nook and cranny located on the bottom of the pond you’re fishing in. Where ultralight fishing rods have come in the last few years really is incredible.

Even for ultralight fly fishing, the rods have increased in length and action, with more and more manufacturers producing ultralight fly fishing lines. These lightweight lines are great for getting small bugs and nymphs into the tightest of places, where most heavier fly rods can’t attempt to reach, let alone a spinning outfit. This is a great way to unload a pond of her harvest in a real hurry, so make sure that you aren’t practicing your ultralight fly fishing techniques on the same pond too often — the fish will get hook shy!

With ultralight fishing reels, the manufacturers have now increased the drag pressure on the front of the spinning reels to suit up to 10 pounds of drag and more sometimes. While this is too heavy for your ultralight fishing lines, it is good to know that you have the backing behind you if you really need it, and that when the time comes your drag isn’t going to give up on you. Having this heavy of a drag setup means that you aren’t even going to be bothering it while using 4lb or even 6lb test line. Just be careful not to snap lines that short, because you can easily over tighten the drag to a setting that is way too stiff!

As you can see, ultralight fishing gear has come incredible lengths over even the last 5 years. No longer will you see the shelves loaded with junk for sale for under $20 that includes a full tackle box of lures that are guaranteed to work, as well as a rod and reel that would be better used as an antenna for your old box style television.

Now you will find a lot of highly specialized ultralight fishing tackle that does a very good job, but also comes with a bit heftier price tag. The bottom line is that if you expect to catch a lot of fish, instead of playing around with a busted rod, or a broken down reel, then you need to invest some money into some decent ultralight fishing gear. It is proven you catch more fish, now just give yourself the best chances.

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5 Responses to “Ultralight Fishing”

  1. Sana Postley says:

    Hi This is a excellent website,and found the entry intriging,this will my tournament results specially when im competing,I will check back for tips. Should you ever find some killer tackle be sure to post,for years I used a abu garcia reel but the okuma reels accommodate my fishing style good, the streamline,fine seamless,fluidness of these reels make fishing more pleasureable.

  2. Andy Foshee says:

    You’ll want varied fishing equipment for other almost all situations. The greatest purpose because of this often it can help a person reel in much more fish. Should the wrong fishing rod has been used, nibbles is going to be a lot more difficult to detect, and so much less fish will probably be snared

  3. This is exactly alot of advice in to be able to make a decision just what exactly to use within specific conditions,these fishing rods i personally use are likely significantly less great such as the kinds described listed here for there’re much better made nevertheless the reels usually are much better due to the fact these are from the 70s when companies designed items which can keep going. Surely these types of fishing rods are a lot more sensitive yet Simply put i am certainly not of course guaranteed about the actual reliability matter,Let me return here pertaining to additional advice at a later point. thx

  4. Lionel Hua says:

    Doing some fishing is without a doubt our favorite sports activity,there has to be many of spots for you to get a few bass around this particular area also think about using such a method, folks I know in this vicinity haven?t brought up this method matter as a result i have to be interested in an easier way to hook alot more. The kinds of fish in all these estuaries and rivers about here manage to nibble even a clean hook sometimes nonetheless its not a fish i am trying to hook. Thanks to have the information and also will likely be looking forward to future post…

  5. Amazing it really is a unusual situation to address,should that by chance will definitely be useful one day Almost certainly this may be a lesson found. Rarely that has this occured having this type of good attention of a wide range of the effects,most of the fishing may perhaps improve but it’s never up to only one man or women since fate is in total control.

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