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Finding Used Kayaks For Sale

Ok, if you are one of the smarter anglers out here, you are probably going to be looking for some used kayaks for sale. I don’t blame you. I would much rather let someone else buy the kayak brand new, lose the initial investment, and then let me pick it up for a price that I can easily resell it for 2 years later. It is like a new car, when you drive it off the lot, it depreciates at least 10% in value instantly. Same thing goes for kayaks. Finding used kayaks for sale isn’t really all that hard, you usually will have a kayak fishing club around you, where you could get in touch with the members to find out if they are parting with any of their rigs. Before you purchase a used kayak, you have to make sure you are paying attention for a few things. You don’t want to end up sinking, after you just found such a deal, right?

Avoid used inflatable kayaks for sale that you plan to use for fishing. The reason I say this, is because I normally tell people to avoid fishing off of an inflatable kayak, just because I preach to use super sharp hooks. These two factors combined are going to leave your gear at the bottom of the pond, I can guarantee you. You may think that it won’t happen to you, and to this, I say you are wasting your money. For the $100 you spend on this boat, you could add another $100 and get a decent used kayak for sale. You are going to be a lot happier in the long run. Stuff tends to happen on an inflatable kayak, like stepping down on a hook, catching a hook in the seam of the boat, because the fish threw it. There are so many variables that can lead to you sinking. If you are just planning to get out on the water for the day, an inflatable canoe or kayak is perfect for you.

Finding used fishing kayaks for sale is like hitting the gold mines. You can find great deals on these types of kayaks, because anglers are constantly upgrading their stable of boats, and these are the guys that usually purchase new kayaks. You get to take advantage of them wanting something for a boat that they don’t plan on using any more. These kayaks are typically ready to go fishing, already rigged with rod holders, anchor systems, rudder systems, etc. This is going to be your best bet, is to start looking for used fishing kayaks.

While we are on the subject of finding used fishing kayaks, I have to highly recommend that you begin by seeking out used hobie fishing kayaks for sale. Hobie makes an excellent boat, and if you stumble on a deal on one, you have literally hit the gold mine. One of these boats will last you numerous seasons, and it’s probably one that you’re not going to be wanting to get rid of any time soon.

If you can’t find any used hobie fishing kayaks, the next best thing to do is to look for some used sit on top kayaks for sale. These are the lifeblood of any kayak fishing angler, and for very good reason. You are able to load a lot of gear onto a sit on top kayak, and also be able to enter and exit the boat with ease. Most sit on top fishing kayaks come in the range of 31″ to 34″ wide at the widest point in the boat. A 34″ wide boat allows you to stand up and sling a fly with ease, and without ever worrying about flipping over.

Used ocean kayaks for sale can often be converted over to a fishing kayak style platform, usually just by adding some rod holders, an anchor trolley, and a rudder setup. The thing about ocean kayaks though, is that they are typically built for speed, and this doesn’t equate to the stability you think of, when you are picturing fishing from a kayak. You can quickly get to your fishing holes, as long you are going in a straight line. These boats don’t have the turning capabilities that most fishing kayaks do. Take these tips, and store them for when you begin looking for used kayaks for sale. Hopefully you will find a good deal!

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