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Hammering Panfish With Penfishingrods.com

This is a Panfish Video I put together containing footage from my last 3 fishing adventures. I got a lot of footage and caught well over 100 fish but I narrowed the footage down to 5 fish per location. I fished at Lake Washington, American Lake, and Swofford Pond! I caught Bluegills, Rock Bass, and […]

Fishing with Chad: How to fish for big bass with swim baits

Swim baits are a very popular lure, and there are lots of them. But some are better than others and many people misuse them. so today Chad will show you his favorite baits and how to use them. Fishing with chad is partners with thecspn.com Friend Catching a 2lbs White Papio While Dunking Shrimp. Video […]

Remote Control Fishing 101 The Radio Ranger Remote Control (Fishing) Boat!

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I see a kid playing with a remote control boat, or should I say what I thought was a rc boat. Everything looked normal until I saw a fishing bobber trailing behind the rc boat.

Fly Fishing For Bass – Why Not?

Normally when you think fly fishing you think trout. Historically fly fishing is reserved for mountian streams and rivers. Fishing for bass is normally done the old way with conventional lures and baits. Here's a twist, how about fly fishing for Bass?

Fly-Fishing Instruction Super Hopper Dropper

Mikey Wier shows how to use his super hopper dropper set up to fish for trout. Learn how to connect and use the Hop-icator as well as other signature flies from Mikey available through Idylwilde flies. This is an interpretation of how he likes to use the system, but Mikey encourages getting creative and fishing […]

Mr Green’s – Plenty Of Fish Ad Uploader

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Plenty of Fish Ad Uploader Is A Software Tool For Managing Ads On The Plenty of Fish Ad Platform. It Is A Firefox Extension That Can Be Downloaded And Installed On Firefox. The Tool Allows Plenty of Fish Advertisers To Quickly Create And Split Test Ads. Mr Green’s – Plenty Of Fish Ad Uploader