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Fishing Waders

When you begin your research on the equipment you will need for fly fishing, fishing waders will be on that list. Fly fishing waders are rubber overalls that come up to your chest and have straps that attach in the front. The feet are covered with boots that are durable and comfortable while protecting your feet. The fishing chest waders are the most common type of waders, but there are also fishing hip waders available.

Fishing hip waders look like two large boots that are made of rubber and come up to your hip. These will keep you bone dry and also are insulated for resistance to the cold. The knees are reinforced with padding for support when needing to kneel or in the case of a fall. Discount fishing waders may be considered hip waders as they cost much less than a fishing wader.

Men’s fishing waders come in many sizes and they are measured by the shoe size, chest, waist, outseam, and inseam. Once you have your measurements you can order online. If you choose to buy from a local store, then they can measure for the right size fishing wader. A great brand to look at is Hodgman fishing waders.

Hodgman is known for the durability, comfort, and quality of their waders. No one wants to be uncomfortable in a large rubber suit that they are going to be in for hours. Breathable fishing waders are a must when you plan on using your waders all year long. You want protection from the cold and an escape from the heat.

Simms fishing waders are built with 5 layers of material to prevent tears, made with rip-stop material around the chest area, and a waterproof, hand warmer, zippered chest pocket.

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