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Fly Fishing Lines

Fly fishing lines come in 3 main sections, and in order to get the most from your tackle, you are going to want to understand them. The first, and most important aspect of your fly line, is the actual stripping line. This is the most durable part of your fly fishing outfit, because of it’s thickness, and is going to be the most expensive part to buy as well. You do not want to skimp on the quality of your line, because with a high quality fly line, you can actually get years of fishing use from it.

The leader is what helps keep the fish from being able to detect your wide, usually brightly colored, fly line. The leader must be thicker near the end that it ties into the fly line, to ensure that the strength remains. Unfortunately though, adding a leader onto the outfit greatly diminishes your overall strength, mainly due to the fine line used as leaders, and the near invisible qualities required. This is why it is advised to buy only the best quality leader materials, to ensure that you are going to be able to pull in the large fish that you hook.

The last part, known as the tippet, is crucial in connecting the fly to the line. The breaking strength of the tippet is the final deciding factor in how big of a fish you can really pull in. The size is indicated by number, and the letter X. To precisely present your flies, on a consistent basis, you are going to want to properly match your tippet size to the weight of the fly. Creating an out of balance outfit will cause an unnatural presentation, which could actually force fish away from your fly, instead of calling them into it like a dinner bell. These three sections of fly fishing lines are what you need to think about, when you are ready to purchase a new setup for your outfit.

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