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Fly Fishing Nymphs

Fishing flies are usually designed around imitating certain types of bugs, or forage in the area that you are fishing. Fly fishing nymphs, on the other hand, are used to mimic the juvenile stage of these aquatic insects. When you are using nymphs for fly fishing, you are going to be fishing under the waters surface, and will be unable to see the fish take the bait, as if you were using a small popper, or topwater bug. Because of this, you must pay close attention to your line, while you are stripping it, to ensure that you are going to see the fish take your fly.

Another challenge associated with nymph fly fishing is that the nymphs are usually swam near the bottom of the stream, or river, which will cause you to feel constant bumps, and associate them with fish strikes. Using a float indicator, you can easily determine when the fly is landing on rocks, or if a fish has taken it, and swam off in a different direction. If you do feel the fly get lodged on a rock or log, don’t tug on it abruptly. Instead, tighten the line down slowly, and pluck it, to dislodge the hook.

When you are fly fishing with a nymph, you are going to have to make sure that you are accurate in judging how deep the fish are. Dry fly fishing is a lot easier, because you are forcing the fish to rise to the surface. If they are wanting to stay deep, you will have to make sure that you can get your fly down in front of them. Fly fishing nymphs are a great way to catch trout that are being spooky, and looking for a much smaller meal. If your river or stream is known for having aquatic insect hatches occur under the waters surface, then it may be time to start using nymphs to catch your targets.

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