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Fly Fishing Reels

There are quite a few different fly fishing reels on the market these days, but to ensure that you make the right buying decision, there are a couple of things that you have to think about. Not all reels are made the same, and a lot of beginning fly anglers have problems when they head down to the local tackle supply, or favorite big box fishing store. To make the buying decision easier, you’ll want to look for a couple of terms on the fly fishing reel, to know that you are going to have a smooth learning curve, and not get discouraged from using it.

First, you need to know that you don’t have to purchase the most expensive fly reel available, in order to properly catch fish. There are a lot of options available on high end fly reels, that are just not necessary for beginners, such as magnesium materials, and extremely light weight, silent, disc brake systems that keep the line from being fed out too quickly. If you have the money, and are intending to get a lot of use from your new fly fishing reel, then you may want to invest the extra money, but most people are not going to need to.

When it comes to the type of reel, most anglers are going to want to look for a single action reel, which simply means, that when you turn the handle on the reel, the spool spins one full rotation. Whereas multiplier reels, on the other hand, will allow you to spool the reel back 2 or more times, with 1 turn of the handle. As stated, most anglers can get away with using a single action reel, because multiplier reels require so much extra care to help keep them functioning properly.

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