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Fly Tying Scissors

When it comes to your fly tying scissors, you’re going to want to look for a few things. First, take a look at the grips on the scissors. Picture yourself being able to use them comfortably, and if you have a hard time, they may not be right for you. There are numerous styles on the market to choose from, but we’ve selected a few of the better models that, we believe, will help you out a ton when you are tying your own flies.

The second thing that you have to look at, is the point of the fly tying scissors. Not all pairs are created equal, with some sets actually having weak tips. If you happen to drop these on your bench or desk, you could likely bend the tip of the scissors, causing them to bind, and not cut properly. This is why you should use scissors designed specifically for fly fishing, even if you can save yourself some money.

Lastly, you should consider the price. A cheap pair of scissors is going to have to be replaced shortly after you purchase them, whereas, a very expensive pair is just not needed. You can find scissors that range upwards of $50 or more, and they do not have the features that justify the price. Go with a mid range pair, running between $10 to $20, and look for a pair that can cut a wide range of materials. Most manufacturers will list whether or not their scissors are good for certain types of materials, such as ones that contain a wax film.

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