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Kayak Fishing PVC Paddle Rest

A PVC Paddle Rest for your fishing kayak is pretty much just some soft material placed on the rail of your sit inside kayak. You use softer materials to keep the hard material of the paddle from banging against the kayak. It may not seem like a loud noise above the water, but fish, having a lateral line, feel everything. Even if you don’t spook them away, you will put them on alert – and when fish are nervous, they don’t eat. Do you eat when you’re nervous?

The materials I used were some good old Ace brand duct tape, and a few pieces of the insulation you see for air conditioning lines. I cut the insulation in half opposite the side of the slit that is already in it. This left me with two identical pieces. Cut about 4 inches off of each one. Cut each of these 4 inch pieces in half. This should give you 8 small pieces of foam, and 2 longer strips. You are ready to go.

Grab your long strips of insulation, and lay them down on the rails of your fishing kayak, where you normally lay your paddle. Now, rest your elbows where you would normally as well. Make sure that these pieces are long enough to rest your elbows, and paddle on. This will silence it, and give you a little padding! Start taping it down. Try to get all the pieces to seal, saltwater especially does a number on duct tape!

Now take the smaller pieces, tape 1 down behind where you place your paddle. Tape another one down on top of that. Now place one more piece down on the front side of your paddle handle. Tape this down, and put the last one on top, and tape it down as well. Make sure everything is cleaned up, and take it out to enjoy your new pvc paddle rest for your fishing kayak!

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