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Kayak Fishing

When it comes to kayak fishing, there are quite a few benefits, but when most people ask me to name just three, I have to say, that by far, stealth is on top of the list. After the stealth of the kayak has been considered, the next two things that come to mind are the cost of fishing from a kayak, as well as the camaraderie that the kayak fishing community offers. Kayak anglers are a tight knit bunch of people, but you can rest assured, that once you have been accepted in, you are going to be making life long friendships.

The stealth of a fishing kayak is amazing. Until you have been out on the water, and had fish rolling right next to the bow of your boat, or having dolphins swimming next to you, you really don’t understand how quiet these boats are. You are truly able to paddle over the top of schooling fish, and begin ripping lips, without ever disturbing a soul. When it comes to chasing fish that love shallow water, kayaks will get you back into places, stealthily, where big boats just cannot make it. This is by far one of the greatest reasons to get into kayak fishing.

The cost of fishing on a kayak is also another huge benefit. Large stinkpots cost upwards of $30,000 for the conveniently equipped, shallow running boats, whereas, a fishing kayak, that is pedal powered, or even trolling motor powered will run you around $2,000. There are even boats being built that allow you to stand and fish, such as Native Watercraft, and the classic Gheenoe. While the Gheenoe isn’t considered much of a kayak, kayak anglers rave about the boat when they are looking for an alternative to their fishing kayaks. If you had been on the fence, consider these few benefits, and then decide whether or not you think kayak fishing is right for you.

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