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Need Fly Fishing Lessons

Now that you have the fly fishing bug, and watched a few videos about the subject, and maybe have even gone to the point of buying all your new fishing gear. One thing is left, and that is how to effectively catch that elusive river trout with that gear.

Fly fishing lessons would be a good place to start, if anything just to get the basics down. Of course one cannot learn everything with a couple of lessons, but it will help you get started, and not look like a total newbie when you go out on your own for the first time.

When looking for a fly fishing instructor, you might want to check the local tackle and bait shops to see if the owner knows of a person that provides fly fishing lessons. In addition, you can check your local advertisements to see if there is someone in your area.

Mention to your friends, co-workers, and family about your new hobby, they may know of someone who can help you get started. What you are looking for is someone that can teach you one on one for a few hours about basic casting, skinning the line, and baiting with the correct flies.

After you have a couple of lessons under your belt, then you will need to practice to develop your technique. Some people just put a weight that approximates the fly on the line and cast in their backyard for practice. Consider video taping your practice session to check your form, and where you can improve casting.

Your skill will only improve with practice, and more practice. The first few times you go out fishing, do not expect to net the big one. Just go out and have fun, while building your skills in each area of this addictive hobby.

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