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Sage Fly Rods

Sage fly rods are handmade and quality checked for the optimum performance. Sage rods are unique in the sense that an actual rocket scientist helped to design and build the rods that are sold today.

There are many different types of sage fishing rods that are available for purchase depending on what type of fishing you are interested in. Once you have an idea of the fish you will be fishing for as well as the type of landscape you will be dealing with, then a customer service representative can help you with your sage fly rod decision.

A sage rod is built with precision so that those long casts can be made with no more than a flick of the wrist. Sage fly fishing rods can be found online mostly. If you are looking into buying from a local store in your area, then it is recommended to call the stores first and ask if they carry any of the sage fishing rods.

A sage fly launch rod is a common pick of sage rods. The launch rod will help you cast your hook to the exact spot you want, not what the wind wants. This type of precision is best done with a sage fishing rod. A sage z axis fly rod is a popular choice among all sage products.

This rod was recently redesigned to make this rod lighter in weight but more forceful when casting. Now you do not need to put all your weight behind a cast with this sage fly fishing rod, but rather a quick flick of the wrist will still give you the distance that is desired for each cast.

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