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Salmon Fly Rod

When you are fly fishing, you need the proper rod for the types of fish you are fishing for. No single rod suits all types of fly fishing. Every rod is categorized by a number.

Rods are identified with a number depending on the size of the rod and the size of the fish/body of water. A salmon fly rod is in the large rod category which is numbered as a 7 – 9. This type of rod is great for Largemouth, Steelhead, and Salmon fish.

Salmon fly rods like any other rods vary in price depending on where you buy them and the brand. You will need to remember that the larger the number range, the larger and heavier the rod will be.

If you are looking for a lighter rod, then a bamboo rod may be the best for you. When you are deciding on the type of salmon fly rod there are a few steps that should be taken into consideration before the ultimate decision.

The first step is the length of the rod butt. This refers to the amount of rod behind the reel. A good length rod means that you can rest the rear of the rod on your stomach for support while reeling in a fish, but not so long that your arms are stretched straight to reach the reel.

The second step is the weight of the salmon fly fishing rod. Get a light rod! A light and well balanced rod will help you while casting and reeling in. The third step is specific fishing.

A too small of a rod can make any size fish seem huge. If you plan on fishing in a large body of water, then you better buy a rod to support your catch.

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