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Fishing Reel Varieties

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Fishing reels have two classifications: the fixed spool reels and the conventional reels. Fixed spool reels are immobile. Conventional reels, on the other hand, feature spools that revolve and are commonly used in saltwater fishing. These are further divided into three varieties: spinning, spincasting and baitcasting. Baitcasting ReelsThis is a small and conventional type. It […]

Carp Fly Fishing

Taking the right carp fly fishing equipment and tackle along will make is easier to catch a lot of fish. Let’s face it, in order to get a rewarding satisfying feeling after fishing all day there is nothing better than catching a whole lotta fish at the end of your pole. There are many who […]

what is a good ultralight rod and a spinning reel for trout stream fishing under 50 dollars?

JoJo asked: i am looking for an upgrade and i can really use your help. I dont fish much but i am recently getting into it and i would like to have some better equiptment. I would like to order it from amazon so if you have any suggestions would appreciate it if I can […]

Today We Discuss The Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel

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When it comes to ultralight fishing, there aren’t many choices for reels. Once you throw out the low quality ones, you are left with even fewer choices for an ultralight fishing rod open reel that meets your needs. We can discard baitcasters for the time being, because the true ultralight baitcaster is far too expensive for most peoples taste.

Different Types Of Ultralight Fishing Reels

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here are essentially two types of ultralight fishing reels that are used most of the time, with there being a few exceptions to this rule. For the most part though, ultralight anglers tend to use either a spinning reel, or a spincast reel for their fishing needs, and find that both of these types of reels function incredibly well with the thin lines that we are known to use.