Different Types Of Ultralight Fishing Reels


There are essentially two types of ultralight fishing reels that are used most of the time, with there being a few exceptions to this rule. For the most part though, ultralight anglers tend to use either a spinning reel, or a spincast reel for their fishing needs, and find that both of these types of reels function incredibly well with the thin lines that we are known to use. Manufacturers are going to even greater lengths to ensure that the reels they put out for us ultralight anglers are built using top of the line materials, to help keep us from breaking lines, while still allowing us to put sufficient pressure on the fish.

The ultralight spinning reel is something that I prefer to use because of it’s bigger cousins that I have been using for years. Ultralight spinning reels are made small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but still have large enough bails to hold a decent amount of line. The thin line diameters we use add to the amount that we can fit onto the spool with the manufacturers building wide spool models now. It doesn’t matter how big of a lake you are fishing in, with the wide spooled spinning reels, you could easily load 200 yards of line on, and it doesn’t matter where the fish wants to run; he is going to have plenty of room to stretch.

On the other side of the fence there is the spincast reel, and is where most beginners start their fishing journey. The spincast reel is often called the closed faced reel because of the way that it is built. Having a case on the front side of the reel with a hole in it to guide the line helps you with your casting distance, but it is really tough getting a good accurate cast with one of these types of reels. You really have to focus on getting the timing perfect between when your thumb hits the button in comparison to where the rod tip and lure are located through your swing. Do it too soon, and you are going to throw the lure straight in the air. Too late, and the lure is going to slam against the top of the water.

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